2022 How do Online Pokies work?

When looking for the best place to play pokies, consider the credibility of the online casino and the functionality of a pokie game and its software in general.

Does the chance of winning increase with the time in which no win has occurred?

The assumption that the more games you play without winning, the higher your chance of winning is wrong. In pokie machines in online casinos, random generators decide the outcome of the game. Think of it as a dice game. When you roll the dice, you will always have a one-sixth chance of rolling a six. The dice do not remember that three times a three and four times a two have been rolled, and now time for a six again. Only chance decides.

Simultaneously, a probability of one-sixth does not mean that there will be a six after six throws. It may be that three times you roll a two, once a four, and twice a one, and still the probability of rolling a six was one-sixth.

At the same time, this means that the probability of a win has nothing to do with the previous game results for your game at pokie machines. Incidentally, this also applies to your play at the casino tables. So ultimately, regardless of theories, strategies, and superstitions, you are putting yourself in the hands of Fortuna or chance.

Are new pokie games always better than old ones?

While undoubtedly many players are keen on the latest pokie machines, and these include many cool features such as videos and stories, it cannot be said that the new pokies are always better than the old ones.

After all, many old pokies have established themselves over a long time. The way they work is often less complicated and easier to understand than new pokie machines, and you feel right at home with the pokie you’ve already spent some time with.

Even the old classics, such as fruit and bell pokies, which work with three reels and a series of symbols – without any wilds or bonus rounds – still offer a lot of fun and are so uncomplicated that you can get started right away.

Are pokie machines not as attractive as table games?

Table games have their unique appeal. However, just like pokie machines, the results are decided by random generators, at least at online casinos, and the outcomes are no different: you either win or you don’t.

Therefore, do not force yourself to play at casino tables just because you may think that the chances of winning are higher. Because while at land-based casinos, the payouts are usually not as high as at table games, this is not the case at online casinos.

Is it more challenging to win at pokie machines than at table games?

This common assumption is also wrong. Online Pokie machines are divided into those with a high variance and those with low friction. A high variance means that you win less often, and the prize amounts are higher. Low variance means that you win more often, but the prize amounts are also lower.

So if you play more for pleasure and value long casino entertainment, a low variance is advantageous for you. However, if you are more of a risk-taker and want to win big, then there are pokie machines that are just right for you – namely, those with a high variance.

Why do some pokie machines become evergreens?

It is a question that many players in online casinos and pokie machine developers often ask themselves: Why do some pokie machines become evergreens and are still played enthusiastically by many players even after many years, while other pokie machines don’t wow anyone after only a short time?

We have conducted extensive analyses and noticed that one thing above all distinguishes the “classics” from many new developments. And that is their simplicity.


This result of our analysis is a little surprising when you consider how much work and innovation the casino software manufacturers put into the development of new features and exciting bonus functions. And yet it seems to be true: the fewer “bells and whistles” and unexpected things happen, the more casino players prefer to play the pokies.